The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL)

What is TUMOL?
The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL) is a FileMaker Pro database that contains relevant information for all 110 Messier objects. It contains various layouts to assist amateur astronomers in documenting their search for deep sky objects.

I have tried to include EVERYTHING an amateur astronomer might want to see regarding Messier Objects: pictures, astronomical coordinates, space for notes and viewing comments, descriptions, etc. It is sortable, printable, and customizable by you, the user. I humbly submit that it is one of the most useful tools you will encounter to assist you in searching for and viewing Messier Objects.

There are now three versions of the Ultimate Messier Object Log:

  • The Ultimate Messier Object Log R3.3 is the current version of the database. It has been updated with several new features, including Night Vision (red) mode, online help and a sketchpad/astrophotograph entry screen.
  • The Ultimate Messier Object Log R3.3 is available as a standalone application that does not require FileMaker Pro to run!
  • For those of you who don’t want to deal with a database, try the PDF version of TUMOL. Just print it out, put it in a loose-leaf binder, and you’ve got everything you need, no additional computing required!

All versions of The Ultimate Messier Object Log are “giveware.” If you enjoy using it, I ask you to give it to a friend. Also, please “give” me an e-mail and tell me what you think. Or click on the Amazon Honor System link below if you’d like to show your appreciation on a more tangible way…

Click here to see a description, instructions and comments for the Ultimate Messier Object Log. You’ll want to print or save this text.

Download TUMOL

Version Number Description
Format, Size, Compatibility
3.3 App

Standalone Application

I have finally updated the apps using Filemaker 10 Pro. This should make it more compatible with the latest operating systems. However, this new version of Filemaker makes HUGE files, increasing the size of the zip files to over 40MB! So, try downloading version 3.2 first. If it works for you, you don’t need the new, larger version. Mac users note, when you double-click on the downloaded app, it will tell you it cannot open, because it is not from an authorized developer. You have to Control-Click or Right-Click on it, select Open from the contextual menu, then click Open when it tells you I am not an authorized developer. Hopefully the next version of Filemaker will fix this!

Mac Application (.zip)


Windows Application (.zip)


3.2 App

Standalone Application

A fully functioning version of the log that doesn’t require you to have the FileMaker application. The Mac version contains two files in the database, included here as a disk image. The Windows version contains 8 files.

NOTE: TUMOL may not work with Windows Vista, expecially in 64-bit mode. If you have problems with it, please emal me.

Mac Application (.dmg)




Requires Filemaker Pro

This version of the log requires the Filemaker Pro application. Version 6.0 (or later) of Filemaker is recommended.

Note: Macintosh users may download either the disk image or the the Zip file. Windows users may only access the Zip file.

Mac disk image (.dmg)


Zip (.zip)


R3.2 PDF

Acrobat 5.0 format


I’ve updated the PDF file of R3.0 the Filemaker database. Version 3.2 adds to the better printing margins and other glitch fixes of 3.1 a fix to the Marathon sort order. (Sort order for items 28, 29, and 30 has been fixed.) (Big thanks to Jim “Rapid Eye” for for cathing this bug!) The PDF version has the advantage of being truly cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Unix). Acrobat Reader is available for free at
The big disadvantage of this format is that it is “read-only,” so you can’t enter your notes, do neat sorts, etc. But you can print all or part of the log (206 pages) and put it in a notebook as a handy reference/field guide.Click here to see the list of “bugs” in version 3.0 of the PDF that were fixed in the new version.



Download .zip








Text-only, ASCII Some people have e-mailed me because they do not have Filemaker, but would still like the data in the log in order to build their own databases in Microsoft Access(tm) or whatever… This ASCII file will let you do this. It is a tab-delimited text file. The first line of the file contains the names of the corresponding fields of the database.
For those of you who want to “roll your own” database, the images used in The Ultimate Messier Object Log can be downladed from the following URL:

View (.TXT)



Here are some screen shots from TUMOL to give you an idea of what it looks like. You may click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

Note: The images below show R2.5 of TUMOL, the current version has some minor differences, but looks substantially the same.

TUMOL Start Screen

TUMOL Main Entry Screen

TUMOL Atlas View

TUMOL Sort by Constellation Report

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