The Caldwell Object Log

The Caldwell Object Log was prepared in cooperation with the Astronomical League.

Note: There is a small error in the log. Siir Patrick Caldwell-Moore’s original list of objects described C89 as NGC6067. This was later amended to NGC6087. This has been corrected.

What is TCOL?

The Caldwell Observing Log (TCOL) is very similar to The Ultimate Messier Object Log, except it describes the 109 objects described by Sir Patrick Caldwell Moore in his Caldwell Catalog.

These objects include the Veil Nebula, North American Nebula and other worthwhile sights. While many of these objects are beyond the reach of smaller scopes, some can be seen without a scope at all! (i.e., The North American Nebula.)

I’ve produced TCOL in cooperation with the Astronomical League. The current version is a preview. The final version of TCOL will be available soon, and will include descriptions of the objects by Sir Patrick himself!

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TCOL is “giveware”: If you like it, I ask that you give it to a friend. Also, “give” me an e-mail and let me know what you think. Your suggestions are invaluable, and will help me to improve TCOL in the future.

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