Sky Atlas 2000 Page Labels

I’ve created a set of printable page labels for the Sky Atlas 2000 Second Edition (1998) by Wil Tirion and Roger W. Sinnott. This is simply an Acrobat PDF file you can print out onto adhesive mailing labels and stick on the backs of the pages of your spiral-bound Sky Atlas. (I have the Deluxe Edition. I am not 100% sure it will work with others.) No more searching in the dark for a page with a particular constellation or Messier object!

The file¬†should work with any labels, such as Avery, that are laid out with 30 labels to an 8.5×11 page. You can also just print them out to plain paper and tape them in. PLEASE email if this is a helpful solution for you, as I will not be tracking downloads of this item!

Click here to download. If you want the original Word file to edit or add the missing pages, click here.