Free Astronomy Software

Few things are free in this world, but the software I’ve written for amateur astronomers is available “no strings attached.”

Help keep my software free!

I make my software available for free to the astronomical community: as a “favor.” I know a lot of astronomers are young people with a small (or no) telescope, struggling to balance the expenses of life with this sometimes expensive hobby. However, if you are not one of those people, if you have dropped several thousand dollars on expensive telescopes, fancy eyepieces, astronomy-related travel, etc., please consider helping to defray the costs of creating this software. I have spent many hours creating this software, maintaining it (adding features and removing bugs), and keeping this site running. It costs me several hundred dollars a year. If you find this software helpful, if this site has saved you from having to spend time creating your own logs, if you are obsessive-compulsive about astronomy, and this software has made your life a little easier, please consider the following:

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  • Or best of all, send a contribution directly by clicking on the Paypal link below. (Some ad-blockers may hide the link.)