What’s Here?

After nearly 20 years of existence, this site is undergoing a complete re-do. Some features and software may be temporarily unavailable. Bear with me during this transition, please.

Free Astronomy Software: Windows/Mac software for logging your observations and finding Messier Objects. These include the following:

  • TUMOL: The Ultimate Messier Object Log
  • TSOL: The Simple Observing Log
  • TCOL: The Caldwell Object Log
  • OOLog: Overlooked Object Log (based on Brent Watson’s book of the same name)
  • SkyAtlas 2000 Page Labels
  • TEC: The Eyepiece Calculator
  • TEC (en Espaol): Calculador de Oculares

Book Reviews: I’ve reviewed a small number of astronomy-related books here. If a title seems interesting, you can get instant gratification by clicking on a link to Amazon.com and buying it. Your purchase helps support this site, too.