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What's Here?

Free Astronomy Software: Window/Mac software for logging your observations and finding Messier Objects. These include TUMOL: The Ultimate Messier Object Log, TSOL: The Simple Observing Log, OOLog: Overlooked Object Log (based on Brent Watson's book of the same name). Also TEC: The Eyepiece Calculator.

Book Reviews: I've reviewed a small number of astronomy-related books here. If a title seems interesting, you can get instant gratification by clicking on a link to and buying it. Your purchase helps support this site, too.

Astronomy Links: As with the books, I review astronomy sites as honestly as possible. The emphasis is on finding good sites. New sites are added frequently, so check back every week!

Writer @ Large: I make my living as a UI designer, writer and photographer. My career specialty is interactive media, but I'm always open to new projects. I've been published or produced across styles and genres — everything from technical writing, Web content and TV promos to poetry, short fiction, song lyrics, news journalism and public relations. My samples are here, and you can request a résumé. Or visit my company Web site, by clicking here.

Contact Me: Got a comment? A gripe? A kudo? Here's my e-mail address.

What's Not Here?

Monteverdi Creative Inc: Click here to see the professional site for my company, which provides creative, technical services to entertainment technology firms. To jump straight to my photography portfolio, click here.

Visual Terrain, Inc.: Click here to visit the site of one of the world's premier lighting design companies. Some of my photos are on their site.

My books! You can buy my books at the following links:

- Confessions of an Estrogen Evangelist

What's New?

Sky Atlas 2000 page labels are now available for Southern as well as Northern Hemisphere objects. No more fumbling through pages at a star party to find the page you want! Click here for info.


I am now an Imaginova affiliate. Click the link below for info on astronomy products and more.

Orion Telescopes..Superb Optics at a Great Price!!

Softpedia has added my logs to their CLEAN list!

Photographs of the 2006 Total Solar Eclipse near Tobruk, Libya.

Making donations for software you download is even easier! Choose between Paypal or the Amazon Honor System. Please support further development with a small contribution today!

TSOL ist jetzt auf Deutsch vorhanden! Danke zu Christian Schmidt für seine Übersetzung.

(TSOL is now available in German! Thank you to Christian Schmidt for his translation.)

¡TEC: El Calculador Ocular, ahora está en Español! Pulsa aqui. Gracias a Francisco Javier Montero y Alberto Romero Vera.

(TEC, The Eyepiece Calculator, is now available in Spanish, thanks to Francisco Javier Montero and Alberto Romero Vera.)

The Caldwell Object Log is now available (without Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore's descriptions) in Mac and Windows application and Filemaker Pro formats, as well as the PDF format that's been available for a while.

The Simple Observing Log version 2.0 is now available. The new version provides additional support for CCD astrophotographers.

Here are some pictures I took of the annular solar eclipse of June 10, 2002. Quality is not very good... I used an inexpensive digital camera... but it's interesting to see! (Picture page will open in new window.)

The current version of The Ultimate Messier Object Log includes several much-requested features, including Night Vision (red) mode, on-line help, a sketch pad, astrophotograph entry screen, and a couple of bug fixes.

Palm versions of The Ultimate Messier Object Log and The Simple Observing Log have been updated for compatibility with JFile 5.

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